mind the gap


In April 2018, all UK companies with 250+ employees, by legal 

requirement, were under obligation to publish their gender pay gaps. The result showed that close to 8 in 10 companies paid their male employees more than their female. The results disclosed a national difference of 9.7% between male and female wages. However, many regarded the study inconclusive due to part-time workers being included. There are around 5.85 million women in part-time employment compared to 2.11 million men; the gender pay gap precedes the wage a woman earns, the issue is constitutionally rooted in employment, not just the payslip at the end of the month.

Mind the Gap is a simple card game which requires 2 to 4 players over the age of 11. The premise of the game is to inform players of the dynamic that exists within workplaces throughout Western society and how it often has had a detrimental effect on the wages females receive comparative to men.

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