music & visual oeuvre

editorial/book making

My dissertation focused on how an artist makes use of their visual

output to enhance their music; all of the artists I researched

approached this in a very different manner. Due to the disparity, I decided upon creating five publications to document my content. 

The first publication detailed my chapter on William Bevan. His

approach to visually expressing himself is extremely stripped back,

as a means of visually representing this in my own work I presented his content using a minimal layout. The second publication took the

form of a French fold. This method of binding was used to reflect MF Doom’s decision to mask himself from his fans. My second chapter focused specifically on how artists use performance art on stage. Referencing Kraftwerk and their use of 3D, this publication exhibits elements of anaglyph 3D. Chapter two also focused directly on 

immersive experiences used by artists to enhance their fans’ experiences. As a means of reflecting this notion, I created a metre

long fold-out publication. The final publication, focusing on David

Bowie and Grace Jones, employs a Z-bind. This binding method was utilised to highlight how the two were [are] similar in the respect that they use their platform to promote their non-conformist approach.

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